Shaded maine coon cat Sweet Dream

Maine coon Blue Shaded as 11

born 11.07.2021

Sir: Ramses PP De La Des Coon as 23

Dame: Pinata Da Vinci's Coon gs 23

HCM, SMA, PKdef, PKD tested N/N

Shaded maine coon male Sweet Dream is fluffy, has a beautiful collar and furry pants. I try to keep his fluffy tail, but it's hard to do with cats.

He came to me from France. I have been looking for such a cat for a long time and really wanted to bring new blood to my Maine coon cattery

Maine Coon cat Sweet Dream has a shaded color. This means that 1/3 of the hair length is lightened. There is no noticeable pattern on its fur. There is only the letter M on the forehead, open rings on the paws and open necklaces. It has the outline of the eyes and nasal speculum.

Shaded maine coon cat Sweet Dream likes to walk in the garden.

Shaded maine coon cat Sweet Dream  is active and playful.

He has a very good temperament.

 Shaded maine coon cat Sweet Dream is a loving Maine Coon.

He has genetic diseases. Here is the result: